Presumptuous Directions Man and the fate of youth today

Matthew (12:47:23 AM): oh i was walking around my neighborhood today and some guy asked if i was lost and needed to find bucktown.
Matthew (12:47:28 AM): i think he was genuinely concerned
Me (12:47:33 AM): And then you punched him in the scrotum.
Matthew (12:47:51 AM): it actually hurt my feelings.  but at that point I was pretty close to sobbing already.
Me (12:47:55 AM): I wonder if he begins all conversations that way.
Matthew (12:48:15 AM): by hurting people’s feelings unintentionally?
Me (12:48:33 AM): By asking them if they are lost and need to get somewhere that is not very far, but far enough from where they actually are.
Me (12:48:54 AM): “Excuse me, ma’am, are you lost? Do you need to get to Andersonville?”
Me (12:49:08 AM): “What’s Andersonville?” “It’s a neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois.” “This is Nepal.”
Me (12:49:35 AM): I would love to travel with him.
Matthew (12:49:38 AM): “oh so you need to know how to get to o’hare, first.”
Me (12:49:45 AM): haha!
Me (12:49:55 AM): Thank you, Directions Man!
Me (12:50:05 AM): Hey, no problem. *wanders off*
Matthew (12:50:08 AM): so useful, but utterly useless
Me (12:50:20 AM): He travels the globe assuming everyone is lost but him
Matthew (12:50:22 AM): he’s never there when you need him, only when you are right where you want to be.
Me (12:50:31 AM): Maybe he’s right.
Me (12:50:45 AM): Maybe you didn’t need to be in… whatever your neighborhood is called. Hermosa?
Me (12:50:50 AM): Maybe you needed to be in Bucktown.
Matthew (12:51:02 AM): my neighborhood is called belmont-cragin
Me (12:51:13 AM): Maybe that Nepalese woman needed to be in Andersonville
Me (12:51:22 AM): making out with some woman in a consignment store

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