How I Spent New Year’s Eve 2008/09 (from a letter)

At work today,
lots of people got drunk.

The restaurant was so liable
they didn’t notice a lot of things–
they made so much racket
about the kids sneaking drinks in the foyer
and the mother screaming in the bathroom
that they didn’t see me
snatching party favors from the tables
as I passed them by with my tray.

In the bus station,
I had so many things stockpiled
all plastic and festive
I could have shut down Party City
for three days.

I left with my pockets stuffed.
Everyone was drunk
and inattentive.
I got candy and flowers and
tiny champagne bubble bottles
and necklaces and bead strings and
a whole bottle of wine
that I hid partially in my sock.

I didn’t kiss anyone at all
at midnight.

I’m saving my celebration
for you.


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