Human beings are mechanisms, vibrators, you wind them up and they make the love motions

me (5:22:41 AM): it’s pathetic.
me (5:22:49 AM): People don’t act this way.
me (5:23:02 AM): It’s okay, i’m not a person.
matthew (5:23:10 AM): and that’swhyt it is embarrassing
matthew (5:23:17 AM): your a demonn
me (5:23:23 AM): I’m a cyborg.
matthew (5:23:30 AM): you wish
me (5:23:33 AM): with human skin on the fingers and throat
me (5:23:46 AM): the rest is made of tin cans.
matthew (5:23:54 AM): and old guitar strings
me (5:24:05 AM): you can tie a string to my ear and pull it tight and speak near it.
me (5:24:11 AM): I’ll hear you from many feet away.
me (5:24:19 AM): sister, can I tug your ear?
me (5:24:23 AM): yes you can. Just find the end.
matthew (5:25:03 AM): i’ll make you speakers out of pie tins and a voice box from old furbies and those greeting cards that make noises when you open them
matthew (5:25:51 AM): and this thing i saw in chinatown that made cricket noises when you opened the box
me (5:25:55 AM): don’t let me near the microwave!
me (5:25:58 AM): that’s wonderful.
me (5:26:05 AM): I would love to be partially made out of that.
me (5:26:19 AM): I could just take the cricket box out when I move to Portland.
matthew (5:26:31 AM): and put a real one inside
me (5:26:34 AM): I’ll tie it to the back of a real cricket
me (5:26:34 AM): ha
me (5:26:35 AM): yes
me (5:26:43 AM): i was going to go with that but then i thought you wouldn’t hear the cricket box
me (5:27:02 AM): tie it to the back of a real cricket, using my earphonestring
matthew (5:27:14 AM): i’ll tie it to a parakeet
me (5:27:24 AM): you could tie it to one of your fingers and wear it like a ring
me (5:27:27 AM): the cricket long dead
me (5:27:46 AM): and pass it on to your children, who will say, the fuck? and wonder why their father kept a dead cricket tied to a little box
matthew (5:28:07 AM): that will be the least of their worries
matthew (5:28:09 AM): or wonders
me (5:28:14 AM): they are your children
me (5:28:17 AM): it will be the least
me (5:28:22 AM): but it will take some time out of their day

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