A More Enthused Method of Naming Your Playlists

– Let’s All Have Sex With People We Don’t Love
– It’s okay, we can’t dance without the aid of cocaine either
– Pitchfork, I would eat your children if they did not taste so sweet
– Hey, let’s put the guy from Wolf Parade in every band ever
– It’s okay, I get hangovers too.
– I’m from Chicago. I’m better than you. (hip-hop mix)
– Being from Chicago doesn’t necessarily make me better than you, but it sure as fuck doesn’t hurt (crazy literary avant garde vaudeville rock mix)
– That year you were in love with someone else’s brother
– It’s too bad no one was this brilliant while you were in high school
– Find someone who looks just like him and marry the shit out of him
– Just because you’ve had eight beers doesn’t mean it isn’t love
– I’m young. Go ahead and call the cops.

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