A facebook comment that was too long and needed to be clipped

When I die, shoot my body into space.

Tell my children that I’ve left them,

that I hopped onto the back of a westbound jalopy

and am bouncing through the countryside

with barrels full of booze by my side

sleeping in a communal bed with circus performers.

Take them to Cirque de Soleil every summer.

Tell them they’re related by blood to certain myths

and we have a family-wide romance with theory.

Fill their sleeping ears with traincars

that burn in the night like a grieving forest

and adorn themselves with landscapes they’ve conquered.

When they’re old enough,

tell them that I’m sorry.

Tell them that there are roads in this same country

where my ghost climbs trees to string ropes between them

and somewhere I am there playing cat’s cradle with the moon.

Most importantly, please tell yourself the same thing.

Children can always sense a liar.

When I die, tell everyone that I’ve got better shit to do

than lie around in the ground all day, static, and boring, and gray.


One thought on “A facebook comment that was too long and needed to be clipped

  1. I can’t even say how strongly this affected me just now. It’s fantastic. I’m going to print it and tuck it away with my will. No kidding. I never had kids, but anyone coming across it after I’m gone will get the point. (I’ll write in your name as author, so if – oh, say 30-40 years from now someone contacts you about finding this piece in an old lady’s will – you must remember now.

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