Googling yourself is fun. If you’re like me, you’ll find the internet littered with funny or interesting things you’ve said or done, things that someone who loved you thought should not be forgotten. You can wander around the abandoned amusement parks and playgrounds and look at all the places your name was carved. Look, there’s another failed relationship. Hey, remember this party you were at? Who were those people you had your arms around? Do you remember when you said this thing?

Here’s your glimpse of your entry into human history’s search engine: you existed and you were funny sometimes. Did you know it felt amazing and scary to matter that much to anyone?

One thought on “Autogoogle

  1. Maybe for you. All I have proof of is that two other people with my name are retarded, and I was a Published Scientist once.
    Both things I’d really rather not remember while working in retail.

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