An update on things

Windy City Story Slam is hosting the first ever National Storytelling Competition here in Chicago in extremely short order. I had the honor of reading with the old gang last night and waited until afterwards to make a drunken fool of myself.

Also, I have a list story up at a really amazing multimedia project based in Portland Seattle called Through This Window, a project that I believe has just opened up submissions for their third installment: 10 Things that Prove I Love You. Thanks a bunch, Zach!

That is all.


2 thoughts on “An update on things

  1. Sometimes ya just gotta be a drunken fool…..

    Went to the site (is that Portland Maine or Oregon?) and was impressed by it. Really great. Your 10 Things is marvelous; I just love the way you write, Jasmine.

  2. Hey! The core of us live in Seattle, Washington, which, I suppose, is a short drive to Portland, Oregon, and we’ve had many submissions from there!

    Thanks for your list, Jasmine. It’s really a great contribution to TTW002! I hope you’ll consider submitting things to future installments!

    Curator, “Through This Window”

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