Podcast part 2: the part where we read poetry and Stephanie attacks me with her uterus

I was going to include some kind of disclaimer here to all two of my friends who weren’t in the room for this podcast and don’t know what Stephanie and I are talking about re: the whole uterus thing, but then I realized that if my family or friends ARE reading this, there’s probably way more embarrassing shit online about/by me than anything discussed/acted out here (although not by much). Having said that, hope you enjoy it, grandma!  Also, this one has actual poetry in it and we are joined in this part by my brother, best friend and partner-in-crime Nate Motherfuckin-Olison (of the California Motherfuckins).

podcast 2 – what does it mean when they say \”I would firetruck it\” at the end of a dirty limerick? Firetruck it. I don\’t get it.

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