The place where I live and work getting positive feedback in spite of our being arrogant assholes!

Thanks a bunch, HK! (


“To be perfectly frank and honest, a few years ago, I didn’t think much of some of these kids or their poetry. Typical arrogant assholery. Now I see what a fucking idiot I was, I’m glad I didn’t write them off, that their enthusiasm and genuinely likable personalities kept me hanging in with them for the ride. the WSSD kids and their cohort represent the best that poetry has to offer, a combination of the ‘page’ and ‘stage’ powers that trumps that stupid rivalry, an earnest, honest (yeah, both those things), tongue in cheek yet enthusiastic and ballsy/ovariesy fuckin mania for the art that reawakened my own love for it. For the first time in nearly three years, I remember what I loved about writing and reading and hearing and performing poetry, and wanted to be a part of it again. And yeah, they’re my friends and all, but I swear before the Great Satan that is the motherfucking truth.

Anyway it’s a great little space down a ways from the Logan Square Blue Line. They get by sellin libations and on donations. The night ended up with an honest to god fiddle contest, and some of us got up and fucking danced our asses off until the upstairs neighbor started pounding on the floor. I meant to leave early but ended up stayin late as I could stand, it was so much fucking fun. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves good times.”




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