One of the Most Disappointing Days in Recent Memory

when all I wanted was to get on a train that would take me far away where I could be alone for a while with my immense loneliness before joining some family I never see but I missed the train despite doing all I could and was so disappointed and tired and weary that I sat on my suitcase and cried in Union Station, feeling like I’ve felt this way for a year, since he left, until I realized I was alone in a beautiful place and I sat there for two more hours, enjoying solitude for the first time in so long until I felt calm enough inside to get up and go home and make a hot buttered rum which put me into a deep sleep where I dreamed the loveliest dream, private soft and undisturbed.






One thought on “One of the Most Disappointing Days in Recent Memory

  1. Gorgeous post, Jasmine. Just the perfect description for these wonderful images. I love the editing techniques and tweaks you did with them. I really stared at and into these scenes, some of the best travel-related ones I’ve seen in a long time and definitely the best old railroad station images I’ve ever seen.

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