An old list but posted in memory of the past spring

Partially inspired by the line “Everyone should sleep on sheets washed by someone who loves them” by one Alex Vermitsky and devoted, with some humor, to William

– Everyone should sleep in the world’s most comfortable bed, in the softest sheets and with the most supportive but soft pillows, underneath blankets that smell like fresh laundry and that keep you warm just fine, all by yourself

– Everyone should have at least one person who makes them feel totally okay about being alone

– Everyone should wake up to rooms flooded with natural light, beside a giant window that overlooks all at once: the red line, an epic-looking alley, a crooked street lined with cafes and antique stores, and a grove of cherry blossom and lilac trees. Fuck your allergies.

– Everyone’s frontrooms and bedrooms should be laden with music. Everyone should have two lovely boys who play music with their fucking hearts to sing them “Sally Anne”. Everyone should be best friends with their favorite musician.

– Everyone’s breakfast should come from a skillet

– Everyone’s coffee table should be covered with the following things: coffee cups, ashtrays, books about Appalachia and why the Cumberlands are more beautiful and more epic and more true than your fucking Rocky bullshit, notes about songs, books about banjo construction, cans of sweet tea

– Everyone should have lists taped to their walls outlining things that they want to do and how to do them. There should also be a list of “yummy things that go bad” on the refrigerator. And yes, the list should include vagina. The list called “Ways to Stop” should include AA.

– Everyone should have a paper shotgun in a real gunrack

– Everyone should have a huge bathtub

– Everyone should have a best friend who considers them a thing of value, something to be protected and cherished and cared for, a friend who is convinced that they can protect you from everything just with love and their own confidence in that love, and with their hands, if needbe.

– Everyone should leave that apartment with a note that without saying so is a declaration of love and appreciation and humor and allegiance, walk out to the gentlest and most non-spiteful rain

– Everyone should go into a coffeeshop nearby and get a scone and while eating it with tea, hear a song from an old life by a band that no longer exists and that reminds one without sadness of another time, other people, which were also good but very, very different

– Everyone should wander casually into an antique shop run by a woman with a smile that says unabashedly and non-explicitly, I trust you, you are welcome here. Please come and handle with your shaky alcoholic hands my precious ancient artifacts, which cost a lot of money that you will never ever have. Songs by the Band should play in that antique shop on an old beat-up radio, the one where Van Morrison goes “la-la la-la, la la la”

– Everyone should have a window seat on the train in that little back compartment all to themselves, when it doesn’t smell like piss and when the side of the train it occurs on offers a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan cerulean and green and blue, with rain falling on it, tiny rain into a big big lake

– Everyone should eat at the diner by the train that they visit regularly, the one where all the cooks and waitresses know you and like you, and where they cook the eggs just less than perfect, but where the coffee is hot and strong and rich, and neighborhood men with different types of accents sit and talk about how things have changed, and they do so without anger or regret or swearing at the ways in which they almost achieved happiness but then life fucked them over, dads who love their children. Everyone should drink that coffee.


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