Language barriers

There has to be a word in some language somewhere that describes the feeling of hope and fate that accompanies the meeting of certain people– the conviction that you were destined to meet, to be together, but that as in many things, the circumstances just weren’t good on this go around, there was a job calling them elsewhere etc., yet there remains a hope so remote in you that it survives even the pain of moving on and the acceptance into your heart of another– the hope that in the next form you take, be it human or caterpillar, that your soul will have another chance and that in that form, things might really go the way they needed to…

I’m guessing it’s German. Those people have words for everything.

One thought on “Language barriers

  1. Sielunkumppani — Finnish for soul mate, but it just looks like a word that has deeper meaning than the English translation. For instance, their national favorite word, Sisu, has numerous translations but the word (according to Finns I know) cannot truly be translated. Here are a few of the close calls:

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