Be Young Forever

Turn This Up Loud/ drink whiskey straight /stay up late /dance poorly/ say “please” and “thank you”/ cuddle with everyone always/ be fearless/ give zero fucks/ tell your friends how much you love them as often as you damn well please/ wear goofy sunglasses/ don’t talk serious all the time/ skip and run when you fucking feel like it/ every once in a while, kiss someone you’re not attracted to on the temple/ eat vegetables/ sing stuff with your friends at karaoke bars/ when Patti hits that glorious note, turn it up even louder/ write shitty poetry/ write progressively better poetry/ love your friends’ bands/ go to shows/ fuck it/ learn wonderful bizarre things/ be sincerely mesmerized by certain things/ let something bring you to tears with its beauty/ drive fast/ disregard all traffic laws/ when necessary, give someone permission to “fuck right off”/ be curious/ believe in things/ have a favorite bassline


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