An explanation of jealousy

An explanation of jealousy:
“So here’s the thing about the cuttlefish. It changes color based on its feelings, kind of like a chameleon. And when it gets angry, it changes colors really fast so that it almost looks like it’s on fire. Well there was this biologist who wondered what it would be like if you were to show a cuttlefish itself. So he goes down to the bottom of the ocean with this mirror to find a cuttlefish, and the one he finds is this big cuttlefish that’s having sex with another cuttlefish. He holds up the mirror and the big cuttlefish stops what he’s doing and looks at it, and all he sees is this other cuttlefish. So he starts getting angry and he’s changing colors really fast and what he sees is the other cuttlefish in the mirror getting angrier and angrier too.
Meanwhile, in the background, you see this little baby cuttlefish that normally that big cuttlefish would have just torn apart, right? And he sneaks over and he starts fucking the first cuttlefish’s girl, finishes, and then walks away.
How many guys does that remind you of? How many dumb, angry guys are just looking in mirrors getting madder and madder at themselves because they’re mad about something they’re capable of. And while you’re busy doing that, some little baby cuttlefish comes and drops a load in your girl.” – a paraphrase of the now infamous Cuttlefish Parable by Chris Kimmons


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