Last night, this young man and I had the most amazing conversation about artists and how there are so many people in the arts who don’t quite seem to understand how much hard work really goes into all of this, how much time and how much practice and how much professionalism really is a reflection of how devoted you are to your craft.

Mike, the lead singer and guitarist in Dead End Days, is one of a certain percentage of artists in my generation who really does Get It. That kind of thoughtfulness is reflected pretty nakedly in this album. In a world where you can’t swing a flannel shirt without hitting a few singer-songwriters, Mike stands out. His musical craftsmanship is careful without being over-calculated, honest and sincere without being unnecessarily sentimental and at times youthfully wild and funny without ever losing the disciplined artist’s sense of self-control. Ever since I downloaded this album this past summer, The Longest Day of My Life has had a steady place on my playlists (“Goodthinker” in particular) and I’m really looking forward to see what they do next.

Please download this album and if you like it, encourage your friends to do so as well.


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