A brief time lapse of what life was like when I was at Columbia trying to figure my life out that first semester

Friday – Lost my debit card.

Saturday – Still without a debit card, lost also: rather expensive bag of cocaine.

Tuesday, 1:10 am
 – Found bag of cocaine in a drawer I searched eight times and whose contents I dumped onto the floor.

Tuesday, 1:11 am
 – Found the debit card, wrapped in a receipt, a promotional sticker, and an issue of THE2NDHAND that was on the floor in the scramble but which was put back into the drawer because I thought it being on the floor was disrespectful to the editors.

Tuesday, 1:13 am – Decided to assemble a “Don’t Lose This Sh*t!” Box from an abandoned sneaker box. It contained: my checkbooks, bank information, ledger, Wheel of Fortune tickets, chapstick, keys, money, debit card, tweezers that I always lose at the most inopportune times, and my grandmother’s reform school crucifix which I used to wear all the time but now never do.

Tuesday, 1:37 am – Lost the cocaine which was the impetus for the box.

Tuesday, 1:41 am – Found cocaine, in bathroom.

Tuesday, 1:42 am – Discovered that I had lost the box.

Tuesday, 1:53 am – Found the box in kitchen, but not box top.

Tuesday, 1:54 am – Threw the box, contents and all, at my window and the clothes pile. The contents scattered. Decided that the box was useless, that I was useless and inept. Had a cigarette to calm myself. Contemplated suicide.

Tuesday, 2:08 am – Found the box top.

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