Bad moments:
– breaking my foot
– not having a job
– hating the job I did have
– getting kicked out of our house because of one person
– going to the hospital, again, for meningitis scare 2012

– 5 points

Good moments:

– New Years Eve with the Can I Get an Amen boys, and being thrown out of a party for square dancing too hard
– my birthday with Evan at the Red Line Tap, and acting a damn fool
– Evan’s birthday at John and Chanel’s beautiful house
– the NATO protests and the human connections therein
– the St. Patrick’s Day party when we killed the organ in Mike’s frontroom
– coming home to stay
– dating Jerry
– fancy pub crawl on a beautiful Mother’s Day that ended in a bonfire
– the 4th of July party at Jerry’s parents’ house
– moving in with Jerry
– Sam and Ryan’s wedding, dancing to the Arrivals in a dress
– Yelling compliments at strangers in front of the Logan: “Hey! Buddy! Thank you for contributing to bicycle safety!”
– the Gahye House First and Third Fridays: Matt and Ev’s bands, dancing with old friends and new friends, talkin’ shit, ridiculousness, moshing, jumping, screaming, scrapping, hugging, kissing, howling

+ 13 points


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