Slightly Disorganized List of Key Artistic Heroes (Any Medium)

* This list does not appear in order, because the order changes every minute of every day. Nor is this a reflection of the exact style or manner of art I wish to emulate, or the heights to which I aspire. More so, this is a matter of the spirit– these people were and are embodiments of the type of passion and view of the world and the universe that I love. These people, in short, are mechanisms in the machinery that I believe with all my heart makes existence so gorgeous. Their minds entrance me. Their souls ignite mine. That is all.

1. Tom Waits

2. Jonathan Safran Foer

3. David Foster Wallace

4. David Byrne

5. Felix Gonzalez-Torres

6. John Linnell

7. Roberto Bolano

8. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

9. Anis Mojgani

10. Phillip Larkin

11. Carl Sagan

12. Woody Allen

13. Nikola Tesla

14. Ray Johnson

15. Werner Herzog

16. Federico Fellini

17. Hunter S. Thompson

18. Matthew Uribe

19. Evan M. Collins

20. Aaron Cometbus

21. Cormac McCarthy

22. Salman Rushdie

23. Sherman Alexie

24. Italo Calvino

25. Roscoe Holcomb

26. Tyler Bagwell

27. Patti Smith

28. All of Neutral Milk Hotel

29. Sage Francis

30. Aesop Rock

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