The inclusion of non-poetry materials into a poetry manuscript as an admission that either
a) I didn’t have 75 poems that I thought would work well together thematically without being repetitive and I’m too up-my-own-ass to think anyone deserves the randomness of my juvenilia or
b) that I’m essentially writing for the type of person that I don’t think would ever be able to relate to a manuscript of exclusively 75 poems
or C) that I am up-my-own-ass enough to think that a three page list of mistakes I made in college is interesting enough to be included into a poetry manuscript without anyone calling me an asshole for it
or D) that I’m just kind of privately ashamed of the amount of undergrad poetry I produced that was about robots who fall in love
or E) that privately I believe that all poetry should be about getting drunk, fucking interesting people, running away from home, fighting the man, driving fast, and fucking up your whole life
or probably most of all F) the embarrassing admission that I am such an exhibitionist that if I could just tape record all of the embarrassing conversations and voice mail messages I’ve participated in over the last seven years and tape them into a book to sell to people and save everybody the time of me writing poems, I would totally do it.

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