Why I told Facebook I wanted to deactivate my account

deactivatingFacebook, do you ever get the feeling that you’ve just had enough of yourself? Like your friends and your family, though you love them, how you kind of just wish you could change your name and be done with it? Like you remember the days when the neighborhood and the internet were similar, and you could go somewhere without seeing someone or something that reminded you of someone that you were and the people that you loved and the things that you loved to do? It’s not like that anymore. You can’t just step away from people in the way that you could before everything was connected. You can’t just pick up and move, delete the numbers in your phone and feel like a new person without the burden of what those people felt about you. You’re bound forever by the memories and comments and taggings of others. And I just want to be done with it. I’m deactivating so that I can come back and mine old notes for improvements. But once the change is complete, I assure you I will be gone for good.

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