How to Rebel

Eat vegan. Learn how to hack. Ditch your credit cards and your bank account. Work for yourself. Learn to anonymize. Don’t go to college. Have an internet identity. Learn constantly. Study history– not just the history of your country, but that of your ancestors, your enemy, your allies, your victims. Stay fit. Do whatever the fuck you want. When you show up to the protest, cover your face. Concern yourself only with the wellbeing of those who cannot defend themselves. Make your own clothes. Buy ethically. Buy small. Buy local. Filter your water. Abandon all forms of the white man’s poison including but not limited to tobacco, alcohol, Xanax, and high-fructose corn syrup. No gods, no masters. Recognize the endless hypocrisies of language and how it is used as a tool for oppression, then master it. Use it all better than they do. Familiarize yourself with the greatest philosophers then how their teachings contributed to the world’s suffering. Don’t trust them. Feed the poor. Get great at an art form then teach a poor child how to do it. Use Dr. Bronner’s and skip the deodorant. Read 1,000 books. Listen when people talk to you. Don’t show off. Speak less than you have to. Be kind. Be merciful. Re-connect with nature frequently. Feel as at home in the woods as you do in the city. Get great at graffiti. Tag meaningfully. Dance to hip-hop. Dance to punk. Learn how to take an elbow to the face without acting like a little bitch about it. Run towards chaos. Learn how to love without attaching. Be sincere. Love your friends like you love yourself. Work hard but be nobody’s bitch. Whine never. Be decisive. Be forgiving. Learn as much as you can about the universe. Read Carl Sagan and Neil Degrasse Tyson and Richard Feynmann and James Gleick and Richard Hugo and Cormac McCarthy and Roberto Bolano and Buddy Wakefield. Cry when you want to. Get loud when you want to. Be alone when you want to. Mind your manners. Love extra hard. Be a beacon of gentleness.

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