Somewhere, all the people that I have ever loved
are having a party.

Somebody brought along party hats
and everyone is wearing them with total disregard
for the structural integrity of their hairdos.

At this party, everyone is dancing.

Nobody is bitching loudly about the selection of music
put together with care by a democratically elected
selector of music.
Nobody tries to hijack the turntable.
Nobody leaves a sweaty beer can on the subwoofer.

At the end of the night, nobody has a regrettable hook-up
and nobody leaves alone.
Nobody draws penises on the passed out guy’s face.
Instead they write “I love you, I hope you had a good time
here is some water because water is good for you
haha. Keep in touch.”

And somewhere at the bottom of a pile of coats at this party,
you are lying quietly in wait
without any party hat
longing for LCD Soundsystem
slightly impatient
you are waiting for me to arrive.


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