The Way in Which We Deal

Sarah live-tweets her abortion on the same night I’m supposed to be breaking up with Adam, so that takes up most of my time. I know that she is alone down there, except for the doctors and the… Sarah is alone down there. For a while, she simply tweets line by line, from memory, some Hemingway story that I know that she loved when we were kids but was too ashamed to admit to now. Then there are facts about abortions, famous abortions, people who are pro-life but you’d really never know it to hear them talk about it. Sarah says that on her way in, a woman whose neck clanged with necklaces alternatingly shaped like crosses and fetuses pelted her with eggs on the way in and the irony may have been a stretch but she felt it deserved an LOL. Adam hits refresh frequently and I wonder if it bothers him at all that he isn’t going to be an uncle. I am supposed to be live-tweeting my break-up with Adam. I am getting cold feet.


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